Westford Knight    


     On the day I saw the stone circle at Lowell Mss. which was an adventure in itself I wondered down the road got lost, asked directions. I came out from a County office more confused than when I went in. Even though I showed him my marvellous map of the ancient sights of the area and he had not heard of one. I followed the road to the bottom of a hill got out and walked. After walking up and down the hill three times I asked directions of a road crew who in the real "mundane world" did a job similar too my own leaning on a shovel all day. One of the four men knew what I was asking  about  the other three might have been as useless as the people back in my world. I ascended the hill a fourth time under new directions and found the "Tomb of a Medieval Knight" who had lived and died 7 hundred years ago on the side of this hill. The Westford Knight. At the time I barely  knew what I was looking at, only a few pages and map in the book I was reading. When I got home I read several excellent books by Michael Bradley “Holly Grail Across the Atlantic” and” Grail Knights of North America”. These books paint a traceable  story of connect the dots about a Scottish Prince Henry Sinclair the Earl of Orkney. Being made the Earl of Orkney Henry inherited a fleet of ships and Islands full of descendents  of the Vikings who knew how to sail, fish and fight in the North Atlantic. An incredible story we will have too cut short. The story goes that Henry and a small fleet of ships sailed to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Where history records he “black pitched” his ships at Nova Scotia at the only site you can do that in North America. He then sailed down the coast of New England where there is good evidence he built the New Port Tower in Rhode Island. On one of his recognisance expeditions down the coast he sailed up the Merrimac River when one of his men died on the side of this hill and was buried. As was the Templar tradition his effigy was carved with hammer and punch in stone with his coat of arms. His coat of arms or insignia on his shield has been verified by many experts over the years  to the coat of arms used by the Gun Clan in the 13th century more than a hundred years before Columbus follow a map to the new world. Although the skeleton or armour have never been found they may still be buried on the hill losing  the  battle to the ascetic New England soil. More likely being so far from  home his chainmail helmet, sword and armour was distributed among the surviving men. It is surmised that Sir James Gunn climbed the hill in his armour too survey the area which this hill affords and had a heart attack? No one knows. If this story was full length it would fill a string of beads with clues that would chock the bearer. Let’s make a bracelet  of what we think Sinclair did in North America instead.    

  The remains of a fortification left at New Ross Nova Scotia located near Oak Island where for hundreds of years it is thought a vast Templar or Pirate treasure is buried. Its a little known fact that there is an Oak Island on either side of Nova Scotia. Oak in Celtic also means right and if you go up the rivers adjacent to either oak Island you get to the ruins at New Ross. Has anyone dug for treasure on the second oak Island located in the Bay of Fundy. The tar pit which as mentioned before, the only one on the East Coast. Any ship covered with this tar lasts three times longer because of the water proofing. The Newport Tower which is another story in itself thought to have been built by Sinclair. Since Benedict  Arnold a free mason owned it in the 1700s the tower has had mysterious owners and now is on the property of the Salvation Army whose insignia is the Red Cross of the Knights Templar. Just coincidence I'm sure. Since the ruins at New Ross Nova Scotia have been made public a Free Masons’ Lodge has opened up across the street from the ruins. The Native Canadians and Americans have the Legend of Glooscap a bearded stranger who appeared in a stone boat and had many adventures before returning home. Sinclair built Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland full of Free Mason symbols made famous by the movie "The Da Vinci Code.                                     Sir James Gunn's burial stone lies on a hill Westford Mass where it was uncovered by a dozen witnesses who were widening the road back in 1878. It laid there for years deteriorating in the elements and unappreciated. There is now a grave stone standing beside him briefly stating who he was. As I said I walked by him three times before I found the hidden chamber. Being hit by a car was a real possibility on this adventure. When I bent down studying  this Viking Descendent of Olaf the Black I knew very little of the Sinclair Mystery. Only that a Viking and a Templar Knight had once passed this way and left a small clue of his passing. This treasure of ancient history lies by the side of the road virtually unknown to the hundreds of people who drive by every day. When the Da Vinci code came out friends who I had told this story too had remembered by babblings and asked me questions about Sinclair and Rosslyn Chapel but this story has too many dots on a map too be believable or even too follow.                         


Above is a Templar Grave from Scotland. Its in worse condition than the Westford Knight. 


    These are tipical clothing and armour of the 13th century Templar. The bassaenet helmet on the left is an exact match of the Westford Knight. The swords and shields are also correct.

    This is the barrier that keeps people of the grave. If you go on line you can see children dancing and playing on his grave. 

 above is a mock up of the what the Westford Knight stone would have looked like in its prime.

This is the actual burial stone with broken sword symbolizing a dead Templar Knight lies nearby. above 

 This is the tomb stone that now stands and explains who James Gun Was.

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