Stone circle Lowell Mass.

On the vacation I discovered American Stonehenge I bought a book and read it on the fly. It told of 270 Megalithic sights around New England. Besides Viking and Phoenician incursions the book claimed that there were still Megalithic stone sights too be seen within a hundred miles of where I was camping. Vacations with the one’s you love are a tricky thing, a day of travel a day on the beach a day of shopping which was my day. It was my day at last, American Stonehenge was a memory. I was off to Lowell Mass U.S.A. Jill my wife asked what we were really doing I fessed right up and said that we were going too see a Megalithic stone circle in the middle of the town of Lowell Mass. Pop Not Much. I tried too build it up but we got there anyway.  In the town Tourist office I was given the brush off. LaBlank Park existed in Lowell Mass but the Lady who worked at the Tourism Office for some twenty years said she had never heard of a stone circle or the “druids circle” or Bridget’s circle as it used too be called. She also denied anyone had ever asked about the circle. I knew she lied. I saw a young guy in a park uniform behind the counter and called him over. Although in uniform he had a few signs on him that he was into "wika"or the like. He said he had heard of the circle that the lady said didn't exist. One more time the lady protested that it didn't exist. I said lets take baby step and  get me a map too the park. She didn't like that. The youth used my highlighter and drew the lines which would get me too the park. He said I would enjoy the swings and gave me a knowing wink which I returned. At the park I saw some city workers having lunch in there trucks just like I would have done back home. I found the swing set and sure enough it was surrounded by three quarters of a stone circle. Sure enough it was there hidden in plain sight. Using Cahill's New England’s Ancient Mysteries as a guide I read how the astro alignments had been measured and were precise just as American Stonehenge’s were and matched up with Stonehenge in England. The setting was right 15 miles from American Stonehenge on the confluence of the Merrimac and Concord rivers very near an old Native American village. Sight lines for the Solstice and equinox events were excellent in a prominent location and sight lines. Looking at Cahill's map I saw and read about 270 such sights in the New England area once again. Not too mention Viking Celt and Phoenician ruins marked on the map. One thing was for sure all had visited by boat or ship and all had tried too leave lasting clues of there visit which are just ignored by every day society. I tried too climb into the mind of the builders of these sights, ocean voyages, the thrill of finding land, tentative contact and trade with the  natives and last of all trying too leave a mark on the land that you were once there. Just like the kids who had painted graffiti on some of the stones. I wondered how much longer the remainder of the circle would survive. I was glad I saw it but it was time too move on. As I drove through the county side I wondered what else I might stumble upon.      

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