By Nellie Vick

************** FRISIANS ********************

FRISIANS ARE ONE OF ANCIENT Germanic tribes which territory was stretched along the North Sea, as shown. Their language was very close to English. These tribal people genetically were in the close relationship with Germanic occupying present Netherlands as well as with High German tribes.
In prehistoric times of uncertain date, the tribal Frisians migrated to the North Sea coastal region between the mouth of Rhine river and the mouth of the ems river while displacing resident Celts. Much of their lands than was covered by lakes, and exposed from invasions from the sea. Inhabitants lived in man-made mounds called terps. Slowly, as shifting waters allowed, they brought the lower lying lands under cultivation, and protected themselves against the sea by building more terps. Most of these were found in the modern day provinces of Friesland and Groningen in Netherlands. 
in 1st-5th CE Frisians were more or less tributary to the Romans. During the 5th CE they were infiltrated by Angles and Saxons who were on their way to Britain. They were subsequently conquered by Franks in the second half of 8th c., which resulted also into their forceful christianization. In subsequent centuries their territory was divided into West Frisia, Middle Frisia, East Frisia.
East Frisia came under control of Counts of Holland in 1250. It was passed to Kingdom of Prussia in 1744. 
Middle Frisia was free from overlords till the end of Middle Ages. feudalism never took root there, hence the adage:"every frisian is a nobleman". In 1524, however, Middle Frisia fell under Holy Roman Empire, and as such, became a portion of Burgundy of Hapsburg heritage. 
During Reformation Frisia became Protestant. Frisia participated in teh wars between Spain and Holland, and by the Union of Ultrech became a part of Netherlands in 1579.
To date, traditional for centuries agricultural, textile, seafaring and commercial activities are still thriving in the area.

When we think and compare Frisian history to almost every other Germanic tribe, one thing strikes us - Frisians were probably the only one germanic tribe with no prominent military achievements, or any sort of drive of exploration of new territories. 
These well surviving people are farmers and merchants, but not warriors.



FANATICUS - ARMY NOTES. This may be the sunken home land of the Frisians. Written about in the books I mentioned this morning! GREAT POSTS! The first 5 minutes of this Video tell of the disaster that destroyed the Frisian Home land and Engulfed Scotland and Brittan with a tidal wave that erased thousands of years of human history 5800B.C.

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