This is the Patterson footage of Bigfoot. After years of seasaw debate most people believe this footage is real. The reasons I believe the footage is real is, the rippling muscles on the legs as she walks. There is a hernia evident on the leg as the great beast glides alone that flexes. As the steps procede she takes a small step up which is estimated at two and a half feet no small step for a person in a suit. Finally the true test of Bigfoot tracks is that they are in a strait line not beside each other very difficult too fake for a human. Ballance is a factor humans can't do this for long. Secondly Sasquatch have what is called a "midstridal break" which means a clear ridging of the soil appears half way along the footprint. This is caused by the foot flexing in the middle. Apes do humans don't. Also because of the great weight involved. Also reportings say that the Bigfoot does not lock his knees when he walks this is known as a "compliant gate". Reasons being Bigfoot walks a lot and is very heavy so locking the knee would mean more ware and tear on the knee joint.  

 All big foot stories are embarasing too tell. The camera is never in focus and the more witneses the more dicrefenciies in the story. Mine took place when I was 18 year old. Friends and I were camping out in Pinery Provincial Park near Grand Bend Ontario Canada. Night had come with the rain and we had set up late. All the wood was wet and no effert could keep a fire going. Our main concern at that age was raising a beer too the sky so we went ahead with that plan. Several hours later I was called over to the agacent camp sight by three friends who said they saw something in the woods and wanted my opinion. Looking into the woods only twenty five yards away were a set of redish pink eyes staring at us. It looked like pink eye in a developed picture. Several explanations were offered,an owl, deer but the eyes burned like fire. We decerned that the eyes were too far apart too be an owl using sticks and landmarks as a guide too guess the distance apart. As I watched the eyes trying not too blink I became more and more uncomfortable somehow. A smell began too permiate the air. It smelled like a punky wet matress which had been left out in the rain and had turned never too dry out again. There was a little gully between us filled with water and mud from the rain, pursuit would have ment a soaker in the shoe for sure. As a youth a had a little white dog named Thor who on our arival in the park had jumped out a window and chassed a dear returning muddy and wet. No amount of coaxing would send Thor into the woods in pursuit of the glowing eyes. Throwing sticks or stones as unpractiable because of all the small trees in between us. Quite frankly I was scared when throwing stuff was sugested. Bigfoot was sugested and although I was raised on the legend of Boggy Creek and Big Foot stories from B.C. Southwestern Ontario is surrounded on three sides by water and none of us had ever heard of a sighting in Ontario. Some people went back to camp but I stared at those eyes resolved not too turn away till something else happened. It did, my pea sized brain turned away or blinked and just like that the eyes were gone. A search the next morning in the area revealed only that it had rained most of the night. On my return home unpacking my wet clothes I found a copy of the Campsights newspaper buliten and wondered how I had not used it too try too keep the fore going. I flipped through it and there was a picture of a hairy Big Foot. I jumped back inside myself as I read the article. It called them MUGWAMPS. The article was written by a college guy. I had the article for years and used to show it too people and tell the story but in a twist of fate my Dog Thor ate the article three years later as a sort of revenge for the only fight or mission she ever backed away form. The Dog had an attitude. Anyway the story rolled along that after the end on the last ice age in this region the Bigfoot had moved in as the ice rolled out 13 to 8 thousand b,c, the Great lakes had filled up and isolated the population into a subspecies which he called Mugwamp do to that he called a pungent odor given off by the beasts. Same as I had described it days before. He further speculated that the beast which he described as smaller than its Big Foot cousin main sourse of food was pine needles and scavaging. I envisioned the noble beast passing through campsites at night rummaging coolers and eating half eaten hotdogs by the fire light. The article went on too say that hibernation or partial hybernation was why no tracks are seen in winter. Years later there are some good stories from Snelgrove Lake in Northern Ontario including blood and hair but thats 500 miles away. If you have any Southern Ontario Stories please contact this websight, Surly you can outdo this LAME STORY.

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