Niagara Falls Mummy 

Under the guise of a family vacation in Niagara falls Canada I visited the "Niagara Falls Museum formally located under the Bridge Niagara Falls Canada. We were eagerly greeted at the door and explored a collection which was a garage sale of the 1860 to 1920s. Great treasures form Persia and the Middle East moving west toward Africa. Also there were giant fish taxidermied on the wall and specimens of exotic insect and fish and animals both local and world wide. I got distracted by the shiny sabres and swords and weapons. Shinier than that was the women’s jewellery and bobels that a Woman or Wife would have picked up on a whirlwind tour with the mighty man that acquired this collection you know 10% of the budget. A few more swords and I stumbled into the "Egyptian Room" They claim they had seven mummies but I only noticed two. One was the "red haired general" laying out in state in his coffin, cloth covering his body flowing chalks of red hair covering his head. Too tight  to be a wig. Looking  at his hair I wondered if it was died with "henna" or had just turned translucent over thousands of years. He had a beard and goatee they had both survived the ages. There were drawings on the coffin which contained him and drawings and hieroglyphs barely discernable on the death shroud which he wore with dignity. I looked too the other man who must have been half a foot taller. He was mostly naked and had ages ago been stripped of any trappings of his former life when he was laid out the final time. He was not in a sarcophagus but laid out on glass. His hands were held high and crossed and I could tell he had held a sceptre or weapon in each hand. I also felt he had not handed them over easily and I tried to imagine the sceptres were still there. His head was full and majestic and in perfect preservation too see the elongated head of royalty. I tried to remember the word they used to describe the skull and elongated features of the Pharaohs.  He seemed a beggar to the Red haired man. To confuse it more they had an ambiguous sign labelling him which alluded to the fact that he might be a pharaoh. The sign under the red haired man alluded too the fact that he might have been a general during the reign of Seti the first, Ramses' the First's father. The Ramses’ of the bible who knew Moses. I could not help but think that this General might have been in the great hall when Moses said to Pharaoh "Let My people Go" This man had seen some history. Not just the bible implication but this man might have lived When Santorini in Greece exploded destroying the Minoan society and causing a 50 foot title wave too flood the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and caused the mini dark age of around 1500 too 1200 B.C. The ages vary on this event just as they do on the Exodus of the Bible and the sack of Troy by the Greeks. Achilles bragged at the Trojan war that he had sack 23 cities. This feat would have been easier if the cities had already been weekend by a tidal wave. This was the time when the Greeks forgot how to write and the lament was that an age of Gold had been replaced by an age of iron. The Iron Sword. The general could have seen Ramses First fight off the subsequent invasions of the "Sea peoples" who he defeated twice and raised a monument too himself at "Medinet Habu". The "Sea peoples" displaced by the events in the Mediterranean themselves were looking for a new homeland and had an all out war with Egypt.     While I was reliving 5000 years of history my sons pulled me out of the trance and we continued our weekend. As usual I dallied at the gift shop and gave my conjecture too the captive girl at the cash register. I got a picture of the  general and a few boxes of matches that had the generals picture on them.                                                                                                                                                                            My next visit a year later and the museum was gone if was as if it had never been there. I relived it in my mind and the years passed. I did some research. Then one night I saw the Nova episode it explained that the "Pharaoh Person" was probably Ramses First. The show went on too say that back in the 80s Wolfgang Vater signed a notarized statement  with a lawyer stating the fact that he believed it was Ramses. The Mummies had been sold when the Museum was closed and spent  a year in Atlanta in a Museum. Tests were run and the mummy was returned to Egypt under great fan fare. The General was not even mentioned although if you do a web search the General is on there. If you go too four different sight and look up the reigns to the Pharaoh’s and the general dates of the great events of the bible, the Pharaoh’s, the destruction of Troy you get many varied dates spanning hundreds of years apart. I like too chunk the great events of the 1500B.C. into a cause and effect string of beads. Santorini or Thera explodes the Minoan civilization is almost completely destroyed. Tidal waves devastated the coastal cities of the Aegean Sea. The Hebrews leave Egypt after it is devastated by tidal waves and the plagues of the bible. Troy is attacked by the surviving Greeks for its Natural recourses . Ramses fights off the Sea Peoples who were also displaced by the disaster. I wish I could play it for you like it happens in my mind.     

The mummies are back in Egypt now Dr. James Douglas had bought the Mummies in the 1860 on a trip too Egypt and had kept records. I wish the mummies had come with a resume. It just goes to  prove adventures are every where and when it happens you can relive history in a moment and it will last a lifetime.

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