Here are some interesting figures and facts on D.N.A. The charts above didn't come out in high def. If you go too indouropean origins on Youtube they have excellent grafts and charts about the spread of D.N.A. types and language. Why talk about it when you can watch a definitive clip. I find the origins of language interesting in the fact that Edgar Cayce said that a cradle of civilization was near the Carpathian Mountains circa ten thousand B.C. where the language origins of this clip place are placed for Europe and Asia. Mt Evarat isn't too far either if you like the Bible Story of the Ark.

Each human cell contains close to 6 billion base pairs of D.N.A. It is estimated that there are 100 thousand billion cells in the human body. Thats a lot of phone books.

Our bodies contain 125 billion miles of D.N.A The oceans and our blood contain the same concentrations of salt. We sweat and cry chemicaly the same cemical makeup and percentages as seawater.



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